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ClubPlug, Inc. Affiliate Program
Earn 5% on every sale you refer!

By joining our Affiliate Program, you can begin earning a 5% commission on every sale that you refer from your website. If someone places an orders within 10 days of visiting from your affiliate link, you will be credited with the sale.

Free account setup:

First you will need to create your Affiliate Account. You can create your account by clicking here (The link will open in a new window. When you have finished, simply close the window to return to this page.) While not all fields are required, we would appreciate you submitting as much info as possible.

Remember Your Username and Password:

You are responsible for remembering your username and password. If you ever forget your username or password, simply send us an email. Please include your site's name and site address.

Real-time stats:

You can check your sales in real time by clicking here. Save the link into your favorites folder for easy access.


We pay our associates by check on the 10th of each month on amounts incurred during the previous month. (In other words, we pay you on the 10th of September for sales made during the month of August.) Amounts less than $25.00 are held until such as time as your affiliate balance reaches this amount. We can also make direct deposits into an existing PayPal account.

You need Help in Promoting the Products:

If you would need assistance with promoting our products, or need help with our affiliate program in general, don't hesitate to contact us as we want to forge working business relationships with all of our affiliate members so that we can share in a successful venture.